viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Oraciones con preposiciones: IN, ON, AT

ü IN:
My birthday is in March.
I met my girlfriend in Autumn.
I have a meeting in September.
I have classes in the morning.
My grandfather was born in 1914.
The bus leaves in two minutes.
ü ON:
She has a contest on Tuesday morning.
Lorena has an appointment on March 1st.
Andrés is going to sing on Saturday in the concert.
They will pay you back on Monday.
Many poor people beg on Christmas.
I have a test on Monday and Tuesday. Ah! I remember on Wednesday even.
ü AT:
Diego swam at 4 o’clock.
Sonia is going to the airport at 2.
My classes start at a quarter past twelve.
My favorite program finishes at half past six.
I dislike watching TV at midnight.

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